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Critique-a-Thon Sign Up

ai-plans.com December Critique-a-Thon

-plans will be hosting a Critique-a-Thon from December 16th to 18th, where participants will be proposing and discussing critiques of AI Alignment plans.

Judges include:

  • Nate Soares, President of MIRI

  • Ramana Kumar, researcher at DeepMind

  • Dr Peter S Park, MIT postdoc at the Tegmark lab

  • Charbel-Raphael, head of AI unit at EffSciences


The Critique-a-Thon provides an excellent opportunity to gain critical insights into AI Safety by diving into what makes an alignment plan likely to work or fail.
We will highlight key elements of alignment plans, which will be fed back to the researchers and can be used to improve their plans.
It’s also a great opportunity to get feedback from expert judges.

The Critique-a-Thon is a 3 day event, with 2 Stages :

Stage 1 - Adding Critiques (up to 16th December)

We’ll be adding critiques to alignment plans on ai-plans.com, in the form of two categories: Strengths and Vulnerabilities.

A “Strength” should indicate
how a plan is useful as a solution for alignment. A “Vulnerability” should do the opposite.
Prizes will go to those who add the most critiques-
critiques voted into a negative score won’t be counted.

You can get started on this stage whenever you like- you could start adding critiques today!.
The deadline is December 16th, midnight, GMT.

1st place:  $100
2nd place: $60
3rd place:  $40

Stage 2 - Discussion & Write-Up (December 17th to 18th)

We’ll go into pairs. Each pair will select an alignment plan that has had critiques proposed. One will make the case for, the other will make the case against, the strength/vulnerability being true and accurate.
Then, the next day, we'll swap sides and finish with a write-up of the proposed strength/vulnerability.
See previous winning critiques for examples:

August Critique-a-thon

September Critique-a-Thon

These discussions will help refine the critiques and strengthen the arguments and swapping reduces any disadvantage from a lack of prior knowledge on a topic.
If your opponent knows a lot more about the topic and makes points you hadn’t thought of, you can use them yourself the next day and see what the counters are - and identify if they’re something to be mentioned in your write-up, which is what will be judged.
These discussions will take place
 on the Discord.

Join here 👉 https://discord.gg/aGVtu5JyjJ 


1st  Place :  $400

2nd Place :  $250
3rd  Place :  $150

I look forward to seeing your work!

Sign up here to join 👉 https://ai-plans.com/login

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